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SARIKIZ Filling factory established 1860 in Manisa – Alashehir / Turkey was Operated by municipality after discovered SARIKIZ spring by French’s then started selling mineral water for healing to France & domestic pharmacies , Our water source/springs mineral components are very unique in Turkey and cant found in other springs rich of natural minerals specially Hydro carbonate (Bicarbonate) & Magnesium . Now we are exporting sparkling & flavored mineral water to various customers around the World specially to ( USA , England , Bulgaria , Australia , Azerbaijan, & several countries in ME ) Chemical Analysis Results: Flourine -F- 0,23 Mg/L Bicarbonate- HCO3- 598 Mg/L Clor- Cl- 14,53 Mg/L Sulfate SO4- 87,8 Mg/L Calcium- Ca- 83,7 Mg/L Magnesium- Mg- 62,12 Mg/L potassium -K- 5,75 Mg/L Sodium- Na- 58,28 Mg/L Iron Fe+2- 0 Mg/L Phosphate-PO4- 0,14 Mg/L Acidity % 0,20 Water filling full automatic under ISO Quality certificates and even we have international taste awards .

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sarıkız private label
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ISO 22000: 2005
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Muhammed Zahir KADI
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Muhammed Zahir KADI