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SARIKIZ Filling factory established 1860 in Manisa – Alashehir / Turkey was Operated by municipality after discovered SARIKIZ spring by French’s then started selling mineral water for healing to France & domestic pharmacies , Our water source/springs mineral components are very unique in Turkey and cant found in other springs rich of natural minerals specially Hydro carbonate (Bicarbonate) & Magnesium . Now we are exporting sparkling & flavored mineral water to various customers around the World specially to ( USA , England , Bulgaria , Australia , Azerbaijan, & several countries in ME ) Chemical Analysis Results: Flourine -F- 0,23 Mg/L Bicarbonate- HCO3- 598 Mg/L Clor- Cl- 14,53 Mg/L Sulfate SO4- 87,8 Mg/L Calcium- Ca- 83,7 Mg/L Magnesium- Mg- 62,12 Mg/L potassium -K- 5,75 Mg/L Sodium- Na- 58,28 Mg/L Iron Fe+2- 0 Mg/L Phosphate-PO4- 0,14 Mg/L Acidity % 0,20 Water filling full automatic under ISO Quality certificates and even we have international taste awards .
Having the biggest mineral water factory of Middle East and Balkan Countries, Kizilay Mineral Water Co. started its business life in 1926. Company increased its production capacity for hour to 210.000 bottled mineral water and annually to 750.000.000 bottled mineral water with 5 production lines in Afyonkarahisar and Erzincan factories. Company offers this gorgeous mineral water of nature with plain mineral water, fruit flavored mineral water and mineral water with fruit juice kinds without compromising from its natural production and quality since its establishment. Kizilay Mineral Water Co. has met with customers in Turkey since 88 years and recently in 16 countries such as, Germany, Arabia, Austria, Australia, Belgium, France, Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Russia, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Norway, Azerbaijan. Considering important of research and development activities, Kizilay offers lots of delicious and different products to customers' taste. Kizilay Mineral Water increased its mineral water taste to 13, products range to 19 with new products which offers to market. Product Ranges; Plain Products: Refundable Glass Bottles, Non-refundable Glass Bottles, Pet Bottle Flavored Products: Lemon, Apple, Watermelon-Strawberry Products With Fruit Juice: Pomegranate, Apple, Mandarin Product With Vitamin: Cherry B+, Strawberry B+ Products For Children: Orange - Apple and B Vitamins Some of new flavors has got a big interest for the reason of its content, some of them for the reason of a lack of alternatives on the market. Income surplus which is earned from mineral water sales, is used in the direction of Turkish Red Crescent's (helping and mercy hand of Turkish people) aims and duties and it helps Turkish Red Crescent to get stronger.
In all over the world, natural water resources are polluted and exhausted quickly. Tekir evaluating idle resources of our country and introducing its consumers the first packed natural spring water from Sekerpinari and Horuz springs under the brand Tekir Natural Spring Water to the appreciation of its consumers in Turkey and in countries, which it exports to. Having laid the foundation for the facility of spring water, bottled for the first time in non-recyclable package in Nigde / Turkey, in 1999, Tekir Water uses latest technologies of the world at its facilities and follows continuously technological developments by means of its strong infrastructure. Tekir Water, making fillings without human touch in the filling room, where the air is cleaned continuously and the air outside is prevented from entering inside, checks water by physical, chemical and microbiological tests at any stage of the production from its spring till the filling process. Since it was established, Tekir continuous to meet consumers’ need with out sacrificing quality. We are all quite conscious that every product on the shelf, every service rendered and every consumer / customer feed back bear importance for us. While all of our product range is meeting with consumers Tekir is continuously investing to manufacturing and supply chain in order to produce the highest quality, ultra-hygienic, healthy and tasty products. Tekir continuous production in highly facilities that complies with Turkish Ministry of Health, Turkish Standards Institution standards and ISO standards.
The Kinik Mineral Waters production facilities, which are based on the ridges of Uludag skirts and surrounded by green valleys on both sides, are 16 km away from the Inegol district of Bursa; Ankara-E
We have always been the only address for quality.With lots of years of experience in the sectors which we are in, we produce olives and high quality olive oil and high quality spaghetti and mineral water. In order to present our experience and products to the world markets, we are active in these products production and export. We established Pangea Global Ltd. and We have gathered a few companies of us in this roof of Pangea for operate in the field of these food products produce and exports. We are not aim to only selling, we aim to create reliable and strong brands in the markets which we joined and we are trusting to our quality for achieve the goal. If you want good quality and the good business, you are in the right place.
Our trade life, which had been for many years, turned into a desire to produce in 1979 and today we have become a global beverage company. With our third-generation operated company and our strong distributors in 47 countries, our goal is to deliver healthy and delicious products. We are supplying original flavors with the help of cutting-edge technology to reach millions of people around the world and we promise one thing; “We do not produce products that we will not consume ourselves!“. We are grateful to our team that has been succesfully managing this big operation which is starting with fresh productions everyday and also to our consumers who we owe to become a global company.
Asya Water, has been established in 1999 in the region of Topcular Village Cilimli, Duzce with thoughts and applications of modern production concept. And currently Asya Water continues activity in highest tech facility which has 3500 m² closed and 11000 m² open area. With the increasing production rate, Asya Water is today in service with a capacity of 49500 bottles/hour. The water source is at the peak of Kaplandede Mountain, with altitude of 1160 m, which is one of the highest spots of Duzce with its untouched nature and flora. The water is brought to the facility from the source 100% safe and hygienically through a pipeline of 12 km, which is antibacterial and approved by The Ministry of Health. And in the facility, 200 cc, 250 cc of cups, 0.33 - 0.5 – 1.5 – 5 – 10 – 19 lt of pet bottles and 19 lt of polycarbon carboys are filled with fully automatic machines, so the freshness and naturalness of water is preserved. With its unique taste and appropriate hardness, Asya Water is trying the best, to offer the healtiest and the most natural water to people, following “The Regulations About Waters For Human Consumption” which was declared by The Ministry of Health with the date of 17.02.2005 and the number of 25730.